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Yacht School team BORA SAILING CLUB

Three winds share dominance in the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro - 

Bora, Zephyr and Yugo

Bora - the strongest and coldest, overcoming obstacles it hits the coast with force.

Bora Sailing Club - Thisyachting school,

where the same strong and confident people workprofessionals in their field who will devote you in every detail sails, yachts and sea!


Founder of Bora Sailing Club,

sailing instructor, teacher

25 years. He is a physicist by training and has been in love with sails since childhood. Having read books about sails, Vanya dreamed of something with three masts, and at the age of 11 he was given the Optimist, so he had to start on it.
Vanya is a professional athlete, multiple champion of Moscow, prize-winner and winner of the Russian Cup stages in the Finn Olympic class, as well as other competitions. Sailing coach for over 7 years.


Sailing instructor Bora Sailing Club

32 years. Master of Sport,raced in the 470 class

as part of the Russian national team.

He took prizes at Russian Championships and Cups, participated in the European and World Championships in the 470 class.

Sailing instructor Grigory Gedulianov


Sailing instructor Bora Sailing Club

25 years. I came to yachting based on an advertisement that I saw on the elevator doors. She began training on Luch dinghies, and later became a sailing instructor.

By education he is an atmospheric physicist.
Hobbies: snowkiting and photography


Sailing instructor, teacher Bora Sailing Club

Instructor, teacher, practicing psychologist and business coach. Lecturer at Higher School of Economics (St. Petersburg). Sailing experience since 1987. Conducts lectures and practice.
After 4 years at the music school, he moved to the BMP yacht club. We managed to go through all stages of development in dinghy sailing: from “optimist” to “Finn” and from “cadet” to “470”.
Now he is developing in cruising yachting, he is an instructor for Coastal Power and Sail in the IYT system, and in addition he is individually improving within the framework of the British RYA Association.


Sailing instructor Bora Sailing Club

Yacht captain.
A lawyer by training. 
Before his yachting history, he sang in an academic choir and led various solo musical projects.


During the pandemic, I saw an advertisement for yachting licenses and came to my first sailing training. Since then, the roll, sails and thirst for adventure have won his heart.

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