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Bora Super Cup

The Bora Sailing Super Cup is the largest and longest competition that takes place every month throughout the year on J/70 yachts in Montenegro .
Awards are given not only at each stage, but also at the end of the season on New Year’s Eve, based on the overall rating of each participant.

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The yacht club is located in the city center on the territory of Buddha Bar, to the right of the Porto Montenegro marina in the city of Tivat, Montenegro.

Event Schedule

The competition takes place over two days:

The first racing day is Saturday - qualifying. By drawing lots, the fleet is divided into two equal groups: green and yellow fleet . Based on the results of the first day of competition, the composition of the silver and gold fleet is determined
Green fleet:

  • 9:00 - Gathering of competition participants

  • 09:30 – Briefing of competition participants

  • 10:30 – Start of the first race of the day

Yellow Fleet:

  • Meeting 13:00

  • 13:30 Start of the first yellow fleet race

  • 17:00 Arrival on shore

  • 18:00 Analysis of the protests of the first day.


Up to 5 races are planned for each fleet.

From the boats that came third, the finalist is selected based on the fewest points in their fleet.

On Saturday evening, after the protests were sorted out, the composition of the participants in the silver and gold fleet was confirmed.

The second racing day is Sunday .

On Sunday morning it all starts with the Silver Fleet Races.

  • 9:00 Meeting at the yacht club (SILVER FLEET)

  • 10:00 Start of the first race in the Silver Fleet

  • 12:30 Gathering of participants at the yacht club (GOLDEN FLEET)

  • 13:30 Start of the first race in the golden fleet

  • 18:00 Analysis of protest situations, watching video from a drone

  • 18:30 Award ceremony,

On this day , after racing, each fleet goes to lunch five minutes from the yacht club!


Cost of participation in the stage

  • 340 euros per crew (without instructor)

  • 500 euros per crew with instructor


Cost of one training day:

  • 180 euros per crew

The price includes: the work of the judging committee and organizers, rental of boats and boats, drone photography, dinner, drinks and awards on the last day.

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Racing schedule

Контент-план Инстаграм - Вертикальный календарь 2024 (4)_page-0002.jpg

What skill level is required to participate?

Anyone can take part, and at any stage, even beginners, we will find an excellent team for you.

To make it interesting for everyone, the fleet will be divided on the first day into two divisions: professionals and amateurs.

What it looks like:

Still have questions? Write to us!

We'll tell you everything about the regatta, and also help you find apartments and order a taxi;)

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